Friday, July 3, 2009

Day At The Markets

Alemany Farmer's Market
It takes a friend visiting from the east coast to remind me how fortunate we Californians are with our bounty.
We spent most of last Saturday visiting 3 farmer’s markets in the bay area, I was researching the markets for potential product placement and Jeanney was just going for the ride. She loves getting to taste all the samples at the market so a perfect match for the day.

We started out with the Redwood City Market and made our way north. The Redwood City Market is one of the smaller ones but if you’re shopping for produce, it fits the bill. The San Mateo and Alemany Markets followed and those two are much bigger and very different in flavor. I usually shop for produce at the markets and very rarely browse the prepared food vendors and was surprised at the variety and number. They seem to have grown!

The San Mateo Farmer’s Market used to be biweekly until recently, due to construction at the school, they only operate on Saturdays for now. There were 2 new vendors of note: one was a little truck with a full kitchen inside. There were about 3 guys in there, making crepes and other delights for lunch. It looked terribly hot inside but what a great idea. The other was the Wood Fire Woodie, a fire engine red cart with a wood burning oven. They were cranking out some tasty pizzas! Their mobile oven is available for rental.

The Alemany Market recently changed their layout and added more food vendors. Again, there was a mobile wood burning oven operated by Copper Top Ovens, baking up organic whole wheat pizzas – yummy! They’re available for catering as well which can really make for a fantastic event. The options are limitless with these ovens on site – bake fish, casseroles, breads, meats, and on and on.

Next time I come to the market, I will prepare myself for some lunch in addition to my weekly produce shopping.

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